During Thursday night's presidential debate, Brian Zagrocki said that, if elected, an internship requirement for his social science education major would not interfere with his presidency, addressing a question specifically directed toward him during the debate's Q&A session.

But following the debate, SGA Senate President Pro Tempore Sara Gomez relayed a comment to the Central Florida Future. She said that a claim was made to her about Zagrocki's running mate, Alex Bennett.

Gomez claimed that what was told to her was Zagrocki would step down at the end of the fall semester due to an internship requirement, after which Bennett would become president. Gomez said she unaware Zagrocki was the person that was being referred to at the time.

However, Zagrocki again defended his campaign, asserting that the rumor is false.

"I will first and foremost say that I do have an internship requirement within my major, however, in no way, shape or form is that going to interfere with my obligations," he said. "I have pushed everything back because I have seen everything within SGA and I do believe wholeheartedly that I am the best candidate for presidency, along with my running mate, Alex, for VP."

Contrary to what Gomez told the Future, Zagrocki said he would not be stepping down if elected, and that Bennett never said anything to suggest he would.

He said the accusation is "completely untrue and a false statement and attack at our ticket."

"I do not know why I am continually getting jabbed at for this internship as it will not affect anything with my presidential obligations and duties. I am in this to win and to improve SGA and all of UCF," he said. "The possibility of me 'dropping my position at the end of fall' is zero … I wouldn't be running if I had to ever drop my position."


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