Members of organizations on campus posted on Facebook Sunday night that SGA presidential candidate Brian Zagrocki and his running mate, Alex Bennett, did not show up to the organizations' meetings when they were scheduled to present their campaign.

Shae Creel, marketing director for the Fashion Club at UCF, posted that the ticket was supposed to speak at the group's meeting on Tuesday night after the SGA presidential candidate debate, but did not arrive. She said the members "stalled" the meeting hoping the ticket would arrive later.

"The meeting started at 7 [p.m.], but we planned for them to be a little late because of the debate. We did not plan, however, for them to not show up," she told the Central Florida Future, explaining that the ticket did not inform the members that they would not arrive, and sent a message to Zagrocki Thursday asking why he did not show up. Creel said she received a response from him around 11:30 p.m. Sunday apologizing.

Zagrocki said he apologizes to the organizations for any miscommunication.

"Unfortunately, we are so busy talking to students and getting their input that we cannot always make it to every meeting," Zagrocki said, adding that he makes "every effort possible" to inform organizations if he and Bennett will be late or will not show up.

Addressing Creel's Fashion Club meeting, Zagrocki said that he had finished the debate "later than expected" and had to rush to attend his campaign rally, which began at 7:30 p.m. at Buffalo Wild Wings on University Boulevard.


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