When riding her bicycle home from dance practice late Monday night, former UCF student Hae-Yuan Chang suddenly found herself in a dangerous situation.

Chang, a Valencia College student, was approached by three men, two of whom she described as black and one white. The men appeared off in the distance as she approached a grassy clearing near Rouse Road along the Little Econ Greenway.

The suspects are described as two black males, approximately 5-foot-9 and 5-foot-11, both with short dark hair and dark jackets, and a white male who was about 5-foot-5 with light hair and a dark hoodie, according to an email from UCF Emergency Management Tuesday.

The white male was on a kick scooter, while the other two had bicycles nearby. One man pulled out a gun and the group demanded that Chang give them all of her belongings along with her Peugot bike.

She skidded her bike, fell and handed them over. Afterwards, she ran into a nearby neighborhood where someone alerted authorities of the crime. The men ended up with her bike, Cote et Ciel backpack, Oneplus One phone, an olive-colored Kindle, her wallet and Google Chromebook.

"I don't typically ride that path at night, maybe once a week," Chang said. "I try to do it before sundown."

OCSO is currently investigating the incident. If you have any information about the incident call UCF Police at 407-823-5555 or Central Florida CrimeLine at 407-423-8477.


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