Multimillion-dollar construction projects make way to UCF

From parking garage and library expansions to Health Center additions, UCF has a schedule filled with upcoming renovations to start on and off campus.

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Seems like UCF's popular acronym, "Under Construction Forever," might be used a little more in 2015.

From parking garage and library expansions to Health Center additions, UCF has a schedule filled with upcoming renovations to start on and off campus.

John C. Hitt Library

A go-to campus study spot, the John C. Hitt Library continues renovations with its plan to upgrade to the "21st Century Library Project."

One of the elements of the project is an Automated Retrieval Center, which is planned to be a four-story building added to the north side of the library.

The library will implement a robotic retrieval system and have each of the 1.2 million volumes of its print collection available in minutes at the click of a computer screen button.

Other plans include more group study rooms and an innovation room where students can have access to the latest research and learning technology.

Although preliminary construction has been slated for this year, "final drawings for construction have not been completed. There is no date set for the start of construction," said Meg Scharf, the associate director of communications, assessment and public relations for the UCF library.

UCF Health Center

The Health Center is another campus resource to undergo renovations and expansions.

Specializing in services such as primary care, pharmacy, dental and specialty, the Health Center plans to add service expansions and physical building additions.

UCF Health Center spokeswoman Megan Pabian said the plan for expansion of the center's facilities will start soon, with a projected completion in March 2016.

"[The project] will expand our services in the following areas: mental health, alcohol and other drug intervention services, international student services, health records management and immunization record compliance and marketing," Pabian said.

In addition to the service's expansion, UCF Health Services Director Michael Deichen said that 10,000 square feet will be added to the center, entailing a two-story addition over the current pharmacy and business areas.

One of the two floors will specialize in psychiatry and substance abuse. The current Psychiatry program is in the main Health Center, while the Alcohol and Other Drugs program is located in the Counseling and Psychological Services building.

"We believe it will [be] very advantageous to students for us to bring these two programs together," Deichen said.

A dietician will also be added to the unit, along with innovative programs such as massage and acupuncture that Deichen hopes will be implemented.

International Health and Health Information Management is planned to go on the other floor, along with an international health clinic.

"This will serve not only international students who are studying at UCF, but also UCF students who are planning to travel abroad for research, studies or enjoyment," Deichen said.

While UCF continues to expand its numbers of international students enrolled, the Health Center aims to accommodate their needs with the new services.

"We expect more students will be seen with our Health Center expansion and that the expansion will help us to raise even further the standard of care we offer UCF students," Deichen said.

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Parking Garage C

More parking spaces may make for a seemingly happier college student. Garage C near the CFE Arena will expand, adding about 600 more parking spaces to make up for the space loss caused by construction of the Global UCF and Interdisciplinary buildings.

Colbourn Hall renovation and Trevor Colbourn Hall addition

Built in 1974, Colbourn Hall will not only be renovated, but UCF plans to add a new 90,000-square-foot building called Trevor Colbourn Hall, which will be constructed adjacent to the current building. Trevor Colbourn Hall will include the same departments and offices as Colbourn Hall, including English, History, Writing and Rhetoric and Modern Languages Studies programs.

Additional units will include: College of Arts and Humanities Advising Office, College of Arts and Humanities Tech Office, College of Arts and Humanities offices, Philosophy, University Writing Center, Graduate Student Center and Rosen College of Hospitality Management offices.

"Once Trevor Colbourn Hall is completed, faculty and staff will move from Colbourn Hall to the new building, and a renovation of Colbourn Hall will commence," said UCF spokesman Mark Schlueb in a construction plan document.

Central Energy Plant IV

UCF will make way for a new district energy plant that aims to provide an efficient method of cooling buildings on campus, while accommodating future campus growth. This energy-saving method will be built to house up to four chillers, but only two will initially be installed.

Interdisciplinary Research and Incubator

Split into two phases, this new building will house resources such as: research labs, material characterization and conference rooms, lecture halls and business incubator labs.

"It will support programs in nanoscience, advanced materials processing and analysis, optics and lasers, energy research and the business incubator program," Schlueb said.

While other campus resources aim for major projects, the Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Building I plan to generally update its mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Final completion dates have not been set in place. Check back with the Central Florida Future for updates.


UCF Health Center

Architect: HKS

Project cost: $3.9 million

Approximate bid date: July

Parking Garage C

Architect: Schenkel Schultz

Contractor: Clancy & Theys

Project cost: $8 million

Approximate bid date: August

John C. Hitt Library

Architect: Holzman Moss Bottino

Contractor: Turner Construction

Project cost: $19.3 million Phase I

Approximate bid date: September

Interdisciplinary Research and Incubator

Architect: Ponikvar and Associates

Contractor: CPPI

Project cost: $30 million Phase I

Approximate bid date: November

Engineering Building I Renovation

Engineer: SGM

Contractor: Barr and Barr

Project cost: $3.6 million Phase I

Approximate bid date: March 2016

Mathematical Sciences Building Renovation

Engineer: Moses and Associates

Contractor: CPPI

Project cost: $3.9 million Phase I

Approximate bid date: March 2016

Trevor Colbourn Hall

Architect: Schenkel Shultz

Contractor: Clancy & Theys

Project cost: $38 million (combined)

Approximate bid date: April 2016

Central Energy Plant IV

Architect/Engineer: RLF

Contractor: Stellar Group

Project cost: $12.75 million

Approximate bid date: March 2016


Marina Guerges is the Editor-in-Chief at the Central Florida Future. Follow her on Twitter at @marinaguerges or email her at

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