The 22nd annual Mascot Games at Amway Center.


Hilarious hijinks, dance-offs and thunderous sounds of laughter filled the Amway Center Friday for the 22nd annual Mascot Games.

Knightro joined the ranks of 24 mascots from across the U.S. and Canada that came together to compete in the games.

The mascots were divided into four separate teams of six: blue team, red team, yellow team and green team, with Knightro being a member of the blue team.

Each team competed in five games. The teams first competed in an obstacle course, followed by a dance competition. The mascots then competed in a basketball-type game where a member of each team stood in the middle of a ring while holding a giant basketball hoop.

An opposing team's mascot stood in a larger ring that encompassed the smaller ring. The hoop-holding mascot's teammate standing outside of the rings would throw rubber balls into the hoop while the opposing team's mascot defended the hoop.

The fourth game involved mascot teams shooting T-shirts from cannons at giant targets located within the stands around the arena.

The final game was a four-person joust where a mascot from each of the teams stood upon four separate platform within an inflatable arena. The goal was to knock off the opposing mascots with jousting sticks that look like giant cotton swabs, or wait for them to lose balance and fall on their own.

At the end of the games, the green team placed third, the blue and yellow teams tied for second and the red team took home the first-place trophy.

The event was presented by Wawa, along with more than 20 other partners, to benefit New Hope for Kids, a nonprofit organization based in Maitland that provides support to grieving children and families.

"The idea that everyone wants to come together and help a good cause ... is what we're here for [and] a lot of people have given a lot of their time here to try and help out this organization," spokesman Lynn Hoppes said.

The event was run by a group of more than 500 volunteers, who came from numerous organizations such as Kohl's, Disney, and Target Executive Director of New Hope for Kids David Joswick said.

"We get a lot of volunteers that help between the games [who] set up the activities," he said.

Alicia Dolata, a junior majoring in management, volunteered at the Mascot Games for her first time this year.

"It was really interesting to see all the different leagues come together and compete," Dolata said. "When you go to a game, it's all about the [mascot's] team, whereas here it's all about the mascots," she said.

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