Hoping to trade Bright House Networks Stadium for Radio City Music Hall, former Miss UCF 2015 and KnightMoves dancer Brittany Vasile has set her sights on joining the Rockettes.

With four years dance experience with the UCF KnightMoves dance team, the spring graduate has decided to remove her crown and take her passion to the Big Apple.

"I did it all four years because I loved it. It gave me a chance to keep dancing through college, show my school spirit, compete and meet so many amazing girls who I can now call lifelong friends," said Vasile, adding that the experience allowed her to gain leadership positions, learn how to be a team player and get involved in the community.

For three years, the advertising-public relations alumna practiced her dancing skills at the Rockettes Summer Intensive Dance Program in New York. She will be returning to the camp July 5 for five weeks, but not as a student like she used to — she will now work for the dance program to assist the other dancers-in-training.

"I think she will be amazing, especially in that environment," said Lamar Walker, the coordinator at UCF's Office of Student Involvement. "She has such a relatable personality and friendly presence that she will easily make connections and flourish."

Shortly after the dance program on Aug. 10, Vasile will take her own talent and hard work and audition to be a Rockette.

"It's my dream, and [it's] what I have always wanted to do," she said.

Vasile auditioned for the Rockettes last year and made it to the last round, but did not receive the phone call offering her the position.

"My idea is hopefully they will get to know me and my personality a little better by actually assisting and working for them. That way, when I audition they really know who I am," she said.

This past month, Vasile put down her Miss UCF crown and picked up the opportunity to become Miss Florida 2015, with Walker by her side along the way.

"My primary role was to make sure that all of Brittany's entry forms and other paperwork was completed correctly and submitted to the right people," he said. "At the actual pageant, I really served as moral support and a familiar face in the crowd."

Although Vasile was familiar with pageant life — having competed for Miss UCF in 2014 and again in 2015 — she did not win the title of Miss Florida.

"A lot of girls had huge books and studied before their interview, but to me, I think it's important for Miss Florida to be who she is and not this person who is studying to become that person," she said.

While some girls compete in local pageants to make their way up to Miss Florida, Vasile said that was not her purpose when she was crowned Miss UCF 2015.

"I was incredibly proud that Brittany represented UCF in such a dignified and graceful manner. I think she did a fantastic job and will continue to do so this year," Walker said.

As of February 2016, when the next pageant will take place, Vasile will officially transfer her title of Miss UCF, but she said she will carry with her the lessons and skills she has learned from the experience.

"It's crazy how much confidence you have to have to stand up on stage and answer a question, and you have no idea what it is going to be," she said. "It takes a lot of confidence to walk on stage in a swimsuit and heels."


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