UCF Police hosted a women's self-defense class to teach students about life-saving techniques. Bridgette Norris, Central Florida Future


The UCF Police Department hosted a​ women's self-defense class Thursday, arming students with techniques that could be the difference between life and death.

"I wanted to do this class because self-defense is an important skill to learn. I think it's a peace of mind knowing what to do in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation," freshman biomedical sciences major Rachel Helgemoe said.

Before jumping into tactics and techniques, there was an informational video emphasizing mental and physical preparedness. It stated that preparing for a possible violent encounter is not paranoia, it's smart, and can be the difference between being a survivor and a statistic. It focused on a three-step plan to avoid, escape and survive, using fear as a source of adrenaline.

As for the physical preparedness, the class consisted of five basic techniques.

"We aren't making you ninja masters, but the main goal is to be able to get away," officer Peter Stephens said.

Stephens instructed the class and stressed the importance of escaping and being able to gain evidence to prove identification of the person.

He provided tips throughout the class, such as avoiding using the fist when punching. Instead, use the palm of the hand. Also, when fighting from the ground, aiming for below the knees is the best way to go.

"I learned that you won't always expect it, and you might not think it will happen to you, but being prepared is probably your best bet," senior accounting and finance major Anum Dossani said.

The next women's self-defense class will be Oct. 27 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Registration can be completed online, at, or by calling 407‐823‐3224.


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