The Orange County Sheriff's Office is searching for about 10 suspects involved in a fight at The Knight's Pub near UCF that sent a Valencia student into immediate surgery.

Dylan Miller, 19, told deputies he was at The Knight's Pub on Alafaya Trail Tuesday morning when he and his friends saw a man and woman arguing in the parking lot. One of his friends went over and told a friend of the two arguing that "They should probably go because security was getting 'anxious,'" according to the incident report. The friend of the two arguing reportedly told Dylan's friend in an explicit manner to go away.

Dylan later approached another friend of the two arguing and told them "They should watch out as security and law enforcement were coming," according to the report. After that, Dylan told deputies, law enforcement escorted all of the parties involved out and the crowd returned to normal.

About 30 minutes later, while walking to their car to leave, Dylan and his friends were allegedly approached by about 10 men who were involved in the earlier argument. First, the group allegedly yelled at and threatened Dylan and his friends, and then an unknown male began punching Dylan in the face. Although he attempted to fight back in defense, Dylan fell to the ground and other unknown males reportedly began kicking and stomping his head into the ground, leaving him unconscious. He later regained consciousness at a friend's house before reportedly driving to the hospital for treatment.

Dylan's father, Jeff Miller, said his son is recovering from four orbital fractures that required immediate surgery and won't be able to comment until next week. The incident report categorizes his injuries as serious.

Jeff said he was worried because, although Dylan needed to be transported by ambulance to a hospital, the OCSO deputy on duty at Pub did not check on him.

"Concerning to me was that the incident was reported to the Orange County Sheriff on security duty by my son's friends who were also attacked by 10 hoodlums," Jeff said. "The sheriff did not come out to check on my son, but told his friends just to get him home."

Dylan's friend who witnessed the incident, told Dylan that as they were leaving the parking lot, an unknown male approached them and said one of the suspects is named Alex Willard and is "always at Knight's Pub causing problems and starting fights," according to the report.

The unknown male who punched Dylan is described as a light-skinned Hispanic, approximately 6 feet tall and weighing about 235 pounds.

Jeff added his concern for security in the area saying, "Frankly, there's something off about a sheriff who is hired by the bar as security and sweeps this attack under the rug. There seems to be a real security problem over there."

Dylan told deputies that he will prosecute and testify in court if the suspects are located.

The Central Florida Future reached out to The Knight's Pub and is awaiting a response.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


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