On Tuesday, UCF PD and Victim Services will launch a two-hour training session for bartenders known as BarTab at the downtown night club, Beacham.

BarTab is a new initiative that will teach bartenders, bouncers and others about bystander intervention or a public strategy to intervene on possible harassment or sexual assault occurrences.

"The overall goal is to reduce sexual violence and other crimes that come from the drinking scene," UCF spokeswoman Courtney Gilmartin said.

UCF PD, Victim Services, along with the Orlando Police Department, and Victim Service Center of Central Florida will lead the free, interactive session, which will teach bar employees how to scope out risky situations and ways to interfere on them.

"Participants will learn about common characteristics of perpetrators and targets and they’ll gain an understanding of how they can safely and successfully intervene," Gilmartin said.

Director of Victim Services, Christine Mourton, said while the initiative will infiltrate the dangers of the bar scene, its sole purpose is to meet and work with local bar owners and employees to help increase their awareness on sexual assault.

"It's not about reducing alcohol consumption it's about increasing bystander awareness," Mourton said.

Gilmartin said the program has been in the works for a long time and that partners of BarTab are excited to start implementing the program throughout Orlando bars.

"We know our students are a vulnerable population and we’re excited to start training people who can advocate for their safety," she said.

The BarTab training will begin at bars in Downtown Orlando and make its way to UCF-area bars in September.


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