Aside from the official game scoreboard, another tally is monitored on UCF gamedays, one that members of the UCF Police Department aim to keep low.

"We don't want anyone to get hurt or have long-lasting problems due to alcohol-related injuries during gameday," said UCF PD deputy Carl Metzger.

The number of official reports administered during Thursday's opening football game of the season all decreased from those made during the previous season's opener game, according to official documents provided by Courtney Gilmartin, UCF PD spokeswoman.

But the document does reflect a significant increase in the amount of attendees who required medical attention this year, a jump from 22 individuals last year to 36 Thursday.

Deputy Carl Metzger said he attributes this rise to a combination of the heat during Thursday's tailgating festivities and game, as well as alcohol consumption.

"Our medical crews were running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to deal with, mainly students, who had too much to drink and got too hot," Metzger said. "We can only do so much and it's important to know that people need to take responsibility for themselves and their friends."

Metzger, who said that medical crews had to transport 12 people to the hospital this year as opposed to three during last season's opening game, urged students and attendees to stay hydrated, limit alcohol consumption, and take breaks from the heat as needed.

Aside from the medical emergencies, there were two physical arrests made during Thursday's tailgate and game, one of which was handled in the Bright House Networks Stadium by the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Both arrests were made for trespassing after warning, but only one involved a UCF student.

"Yesterday was fairly peaceful," Metzger said. "I think that the reservation system of Memory Mall and the events put on by student government contributed to a more festive and relaxed atmosphere as opposed to a more hostile one that we experienced last year."

Authorities issued a total of five written trespasses, 19 notices to appear and 17 student-conduct referrals during this season's opening game against Florida International University.


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