Nelson Mandela, who is remembered for his anti-apartheid activism during his term as South Africa's president, died in December 2013, leaving behind a lasting legacy and a grandson committed to continuing it.

Ndaba Mandela, co-founder and acting chairman of the Africa Rising Foundation, will be discussing his grandfather's impact and his outlook for the future of Africa on Sept. 21 during a visit to UCF sponsored by the Global Perspectives Office.

Students are invited to attend the discussion at 10:30 a.m. in the Cape Florida Ballroom in the Student Union.

"Ndaba Mandela encourages young people to get involved in their communities in order to facilitate positive change, and we are excited to see the impact that his visit will have on the UCF student body," said Jessica Gagnon, the assistant director of the Global Perspectives Office.

Mandela will additionally be speaking about his organization, which is dedicated to promoting Africa's positive global image, and his involvement in creating the United Nations' International Day of Happiness.

"Ndaba Mandela is passionate about Africa and addressing misconceptions of the continent while promoting its positive image globally," Gagnon said. "Students can expect to learn about the living legacy of Nelson Mandela, and how Nadaba uses the lessons learned from his grandfather to be a beacon of hope and change in the world today."


Daniela Marin is the Entertainment Editor for the Central Florida Future.

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