Students heading to All Knight Study are going to want to remember to pack more than their notes and textbooks this semester. A new policy requires those entering the buildings to check in with their school IDs.

The policy is a response to non-Knights entering the facilities, UCF spokesman Gene Kruckemyer said.

“The staff at All Knight Study implemented the new check-in system this past summer to ensure that both of the sites are used only by those the facilities are intended for: UCF students,” Kruckemyer said. “Previously, on occasion, some visitors from the community who were not affiliated with the university were discovered in the study areas, which are funded by SGA for student use.”

Students must now come in through the main entrance of both locations — at Knights Plaza and at Ferrell Commons — to ensure that everyone is checked in. The back doors for All Knight Study in Ferrell Commons are now locked, despite having previously been an open entrance.

Once inside, those looking to gain entry must give their ID to the employee at the front desk, who then slides it through a reader and lets them inside.

Sophomore computer science major Morgan Henry said she understands the reasoning behind the policy, but believes that it should be heavily advertised to the UCF population.

“What about those who don’t know about the system yet and maybe just are studying and are actually UCF students?” Henry said.

Henry found out about the policy after rushing in to print something before class. She considers herself lucky that she happened to have her student ID on her at the time.

Others, such as junior graphic design major Kyle Bryant, think the policy should be limited.

“I can understand if it’s maybe late at night that they would do that, but if it’s in the middle of the day, [or] at nine in the morning, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a vast majority of students going back and forth between All Knight Study,” Bryant said. “They should card it between certain times. I would say any time between 11 [p.m.] and 5 a.m.”

Like Henry, Bryant found out about the rule by walking into All Knight Study and being stopped and asked for his ID.

For those worried about the system collecting student information, Kruckemyer said that no information is stored from the scans, and the entire process is only used to verify that the individual is a UCF student.


Kimberly Slichter is a Contributing Writer for the Central Florida Future.

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