Kissimmee-based urologist Zaid Fadhli will speak at UCF Friday on his experience aiding Syrian refugees in Turkey.

The event is held by Students Organize for Syria, an organization on campus that aims to spread awareness of the Syrian plight and fundraise for those affected by the war.

The United Nations has named the Syrian Civil War as the great tragedy of the century, with an estimated 6,000 fleeing the country per day, according to UN data. Half of the 4 million Syrian refugees are children and thousands of those refugees have been dangerously crossing seas by boats and pouring into Europe to countries such as Germany to escape the crisis.

"People hesitate being active in the club because they feel they are not Syrian, so they don't have a place to help. But in no way do you need to be Syrian," said Dania Fadhli, Zaid Fadhli's daughter and SOS secretary, in a previous interview with the Future. The sophomore biomedical sciences major still has relatives in the country, though most were able to flee to safety.

Dania said the event will also have a brief informative session on the Syrian American Medical Society, along with a Q&A session. She also said the event may benefit students going into the medical field who are interested in doing work overseas.

The lecture will be in Room 224 of the Student Union from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.


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