UCF’s royalty throne was filled at its home game on Oct. 24 as the 2015 Homecoming King and Queen were crowned during halftime.

Out of the 10 candidates on the Homecoming Royalty Court, Jason Skidmore and Mackenzie Chase were named King and Queen, respectively.

Skidmore, a senior psychology major, said although he felt confident beside his partner, Elaine Gerlt, he was nervous as he stood on the field — waving at the crowd and awaiting the final two names to be called to represent UCF.

“In that moment, pure reality set in that I was beyond proud to be where I was, no matter what happened with the results,” he said.

When his name was called, Skidmore said he was in absolute awe — honored for being chosen and recognized for his hard work he has put toward UCF.

Chase, a senior nursing major, said it was an exciting moment when a lot of emotions were felt by all the members on the Court.

“I was so surprised and excited, and I felt so honored and special,” said Chase, who was nominated by Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority. “It was a little overwhelming with everyone in the stands looking at us and cheering, but it just made the moment more special.”

Skidmore said being involved almost seven days a week — with Housing and Residence Life, the orientation program and the psychology department — has made him appreciate seeing his family at the game and also celebrating with them afterward.

“I was extremely elated to know that they were going to be able to come to the football game and see me on the field,” he said. “After I was crowned, I was able to spend some much-needed time with my family.”

Nominated by the Department of Housing and Residence Life, he said he wants to continue his involvement and influence on students in a positive way.

“I want to continue making a difference at the university because that is what is important to me,” he said.

As an out-of-state student his first year at UCF, Skidmore said he wants to ensure that other students don’t feel alone, but rather create a connection with each other and the university.

“I am passionate about the students that attend this university, and I am truly honored to represent them,” he said. “I didn’t have many students to look up to when I came to UCF, and I want to make sure that I am there to support and encourage as many students as I can.”

And while both Skidmore and Chase are responsible for embodying the UCF Creed and representing the faces of UCF for one year, Chase said she is going to strive to always live out UCF’s values and bleed black and gold.

“I’m looking forward to this upcoming year and getting to know as many fellow students as possible,” Chase said. “For the next year, we will continue to represent the university at various events, and then next Homecoming, we come back to pass on our titles.”


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