UCF students are able to reach out for assistance on campus when dealing with legal matters, and attorney Patricia Cashman of the Law Office of Patricia A. Cashman, P.A. is currently seeking students to represent in civil, criminal and Student Conduct cases.

In the cases of Student Conduct Code violations, Cashman said she helps students learn how the process works, acts as their advocate at hearings and consults with them on the various issues they face. She helps them put together a mitigation presentation should they face sanctions, as students are usually who speak at the conduct hearing.

“UCF and its students have been a positive part of my life for many years and I enjoy being able to give back to the university and the students,” said Cashman, who is a coach for the UCF Trial Team program and has been an adjunct in the legal studies department at UCF since 1993.

Cashman helps students formulate questions to ask, while assisting them in the strategic decisions to be made once they are accused of a violation. She represents students in criminal court who have been issued a traffic citation or have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony. Her rates vary depending on the amount of work involved and the seriousness of the case.

UCF Student Legal Services is also available to UCF students seeking assistance with legal cases, as it handles cases including traffic violations, criminal charges, record expungement, stealing and debt collection. It, however, does not represent students in Student Conduct violation cases.

“In addition to providing students with individual consultations, we also offer presentations on legal matters pertinent to our student population, such as student loan law, landlord/tenant law, DUIs, etc.,” said Joffrey Heard, a legal assistant at Student Legal Services.

All attorneys in the office are licensed by the Florida Bar and provide their services free of charge to UCF students — providing notary service, advising students on other areas of law and referring them to resources that may be available to provide assistance in areas that the four attorneys in the office cannot.


Brianna Ordenes is a Contributing Writer for the Central Florida Future.

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