Just in time for Veterans Day, it turns out that Orlando may be one of the best cities for veterans to call home.

Of 100 of the most populated U.S. cities, Orlando ranks fourth when it comes to best cities for veterans, according to a recent WalletHub study.

WalletHub’s study focused on using two major dimensions — economic wellness and environment, education and health — that were split up into the 18 metrics to rank each city based on how livable each was for veterans.

Some metrics included the following: percentage of military skill-related jobs; veteran unemployment rate; rate of veteran income growth; percentage of veterans living below the poverty line; veteran population; number of VA health facilities per number of veterans; educational opportunities; crime rates and number of homeless veterans per 1,000 veterans.

Orlando ranked 12th in the economic wellness dimension and eighth in the environment, education and health category, earning it the No. 4 overall spot for best cities for veterans. Additionally, Orlando ranked second in highest veteran income growth.

Other Florida cities on the list of best and worst cities for veterans included Tampa at No. 17, Jacksonville at No. 39, St. Petersburg at No. 45 and Miami at No. 96.


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