The case involving Robert Chandler, UCF’s former Director of the Nicholson School of Communication, has been forwarded to the state attorney’s office.

In spring, Chandler was accused of double-dipping $30,000 during business travels and resigned from his position in May. Though he has paid back the university $30,000, he has been accused of double-dipping 40 times by using a third-party entity to reimburse him for his travel. However, those business travels were already covered by the university, according to a previous Central Florida Future article.

“UCF PD has completed its investigation and forwarded the case over the state attorney’s office. It is up to them to decide whether to pursue charges,” said UCF PD public information officer Courtney Gilmartin.

Chandler responded to the accusations with a 10-page response, which gave a breakdown and explanation of his expenses. In the response, Chandler defended his actions by saying that the goal of the third-party reimbursements was to help the university by extending its available resources and to aid in the business purposes of his trips, according to the previous article.


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