UCF is partnering with LinkedIn to launch a new app focused around students entering the workforce. The app will allow students to network with employers and search for jobs from both LinkedIn and UCF specific platforms, such as KnightLink.

In addition to the UCF partnership, LinkedIn is also partnering with Arizona State University and San Jose State University to launch the app.

The UCF Office of Career Services will provide the job-search content for the app, according to a UCF press release. The office will also offer tips on interviewing and resume building, as well as information on campus events.

Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment Services at UCF, Maribeth Ehasz, said in the press release that the new app will be a valuable tool for students.

“The main goal of this partnership is to help students build their online professional identity and network and connect them to the latest job opportunities as they continue down the path to graduation,” Ehasz said.

In February, students and staff of the three schools will be given early access to the new app in a pilot. LinkedIn will also be on UCF’s campus on Feb. 4 to give students an opportunity to get headshots taken by professional photographers and learn more about the app from experts.

Ada Yu, senior product manager at LinkedIn, said the company wants to connect students with opportunity.

“We hope to help as many students as possible, so partnering with the University of Central Florida was an easy decision,” Yu said in a news release.

As Knights approach graduation, job searching becomes a tedious task. Senior journalism major, Alyssa McComb said that although she is not an avid LinkedIn user, she will take advantage of the new app because it’s geared towards students.

“I think the reason I don't use LinkedIn as much is because it feels to me like it's meant for older people,” McComb said. “The app should help students who need internships and jobs and make them feel comfortable in a student dominated platform.”

Melanie Brown, Coordinator of Marketing and Data at Career Services, said the app will make the process easier for first-time job hunters.

"All of the content in the app is specific to those just entering the workforce," Brown said. "They won’t have to filter through any information that might pertain to job seekers farther along in their career paths."


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