Update: An earlier version of this article stated that the rally would begin at noon. The article has been updated to reflect the new start time.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will hold a rally at UCF this Saturday.

Scheduled for 2 p.m., with CFE Arena doors opening at 11 a.m., the event has already sparked protests.

A Facebook group titled "Peaceful Protest Against Donald Trump at the CFE Arena" has invited students to begin protesting at 11 a.m. Saturday outside the CFE Arena.

Kyra Clark, organizer of the event and a sophomore journalism major, said it's important for students to protest Trump because UCF is a diverse school and the United States is a diverse country, both of which Trump will ruin if elected.

"Trump has voiced disrespect against nearly every minority in America, including disabled people," she said. "It is terrifying to imagine what laws or segregation he may impose if elected. Plus, he is not a good candidate economically, seeing as he's gone bankrupt before."

Another protest, unrelated to the first, will begin at 8:30 a.m.

"As you are no doubt aware, a dark cloud has descended on our country. I am talking, of course, about Donald Trump's unbelievable and morally outrageous candidacy," the Facebook page reads. "It is rare that a candidate can inspire hatred from all points of the political spectrum, but it's much deserved for the ignorant, bigoted, nonsensical, substance-free and morally noxious Donald Trump."

David Moosmann, one of the organizers of the event, said he's been against Trump since he announced his candidacy.

"Ever since Mr. Trump announced his candidacy for President, I have been outraged both by his crude, vulgar and immoral conduct and by his hodge-podge collection of ignorant, nonsensical and potentially disastrous policies," Moosmann said. "I organized this event in the spirit of bringing people together from all across the political spectrum and having them stand united for a very simple idea: that America is better than this. America is better than capitulating to someone like Donald Trump, who is happier whipping up fear and hatred than finding solutions that work for all of us."

Moosmann hopes to raise awareness that "our generation has the potential to shift the tide of this election, but that we need to be informed, aware and organized." He said a Trump presidency would dramatically undercut the credibility of the United States.

"I think a powerful United States of America is good for both the country and the world," Moosmann said. "But the proper exercise of that power is not the swaggering arrogance and boorishness that Mr. Trump brings to the table. We want America to be respected as a formidable adversary and loved as a just nation who uses its power to protect the weak and make common cause with the righteous."

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