If you’ve been paying any attention, you might agree that this year’s SGA election has been rife with drama, but the time has come for UCF’s student population to decide, from the remaining candidates left, who will be UCF’s next student body president and vice president.

Jacob Milich and Elaine Sarlo’s campaign has been found guilty of violating certain SGA statutes regarding election procedures in closed hearings, which have been the source of much controversy.

Milich and Sarlo filed an appeal, however, it was denied by the SGA Chief Justice, so as of the time of this writing, they will not be included on the Spring 2016 ballot.

This year’s election will be held from Monday, March 28 to Wednesday, March 30. You can vote for your desired student body representatives from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in front of the Student Union, as well as online using the myUCF portal website.

Online voting will be available at the following times:

Monday, March 28: 8 a.m to midnight

Tuesday, March 29: 5 a.m. to midnight

Wednesday, March 30: 5 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The candidates who will be on the Spring 2016 ballot are Christopher Clemente, who is running for SGA president with Rachel Altfield as SGA vice president, and Anthony Safadi, who is running for SGA president alongside Ali Nassereddin as vice president.

Four constitutional amendments will also be included on the Spring 2016 ballot.

The first proposed amendment seeks to clarify the minimum number of members required to proceed with both senate meetings and standing senate committees to 50 percent.

The second proposed amendment aims to reduce the amount of time a Senior Student Affairs Officer Designee has to sign bills from two weeks to 10 days. The third proposed amendment also intends to reduce the time allowed to veto or sign any legislation passed by the SGA senate from two weeks to 10 days, however, this one is for the Senior Student Affairs Officer.

The fourth proposed amendment is designed to reduce the amount of time the SGA president has to sign or veto measures passed by the senate from 10 school days to five business days.

If a run-off election after the general election is necessary, it will be conducted from April 4 to April 6. Any further questions or requests for information can be addressed to the SGA office, which is located on the second floor of the student union in room 214.


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