Victim of car theft in nearby UCF apartments speaks up

On March 26, Sebastian Echeverria was taking out the trash when his roommate brought to his attention that there was something strange about his car. Echeverria realized he had become one of several victims of recent tire thefts at Tivoli Apartments.

On April 7 at 6 p.m., Tivoli administration invited residents to speak with Seminole County officers and a UCF safety representative during a meeting addressing the safety concerns about the tire thefts. Three cars, a Nissan Altima, Nissan Xterra and Toyota Corolla, had all four tires and rims stolen on different nights.

Panel on Palestinian Rights and the Impact of Occupation

The panel on Palestinian Rights and the Impact of Occupation saw, not a packed audience, but a fully engaged one, as students wearing yarmulkes and head scarves listened in unison to five different activists call for the continued need of what everyone in the room had gathered for —everyday diplomacy.

UCF College of Arts & Humanities searches for new dean

UCF’s College of Arts and Humanities is nearing the final stages of selecting a new dean. José Fernández, who has been the college’s dean since 2006, is stepping down.

The college, which has more than 5,000 students and academic programs in history, philosophy, music and other fields, has hosted three candidates over the past two weeks who provided presentations on their perception of the challenges facing the college and the campus.

Police: UCF student dies in "drug deal rip-off"

UCF student Ethan Jared Halverson died from a gunshot wound in Daytona Beach on April 2.

"According to what our investigators have discovered, it was absolutely a drug deal," said Jimmie Flynt, a public information officer at the Daytona Beach Police Department. "It was actually a drug deal rip-off."

Halverson's older brother Noah said that Daytona Police Chief Chitwood told him that Ethan Halverson was not involved in the text messages related to the drug deal. Noah Halverson said police informed him his brother's friends had recently been robbed by the "guy that eventually killed my brother."

Q&A with new SGA leaders Clemente and Altfield

New Student Government Association president Christopher Clemente and vice president Rachel Altfield give students insight into who they are, why they ran for office and what they hope to accomplish during their term.

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