Today the UCF Police Department received a report about two people who are believed to be impersonating police officers.

A female driver who was entering the UCF campus via Central Florida Boulevard reported that a car flashing red and blue lights pulled up behind her. She then proceeded to pull her car over, but when she saw that the man approaching her vehicle was not in uniform she took off. She believed that the lights she saw came from another person within the vehicle holding a smartphone, according to a UCFPD email and an UCF ALERT that warned students about possible UCFPD impersonators.

UCFPD’s message to UCF members is to be cautious and to take notice if a situation seems a bit off. They have encouraged anyone else who sees any peculiar activity to make the same steps and say something.

They also encourage you to turn your hazard lights on and pull into a well-lit area, in the event you are pulled over.

UCFPD officers wear blue uniforms and they carry department-issued identification. If you are concerned about the identity of an individual who pulled you over call 911 to verify who they are. They also advise that you avoid rolling down your windows or open your door if you have reason to believe the person pulling you over is not a police officer.

Contact UCFPD at 407-823-5555 to report any suspicious activity.


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