With an annual budget of $18.6 million, SGA oversees UCF at all levels, from the allocation of funds to Registered Student Organizations to the creation of new initiatives to improve campus life. But how much do top-tier SGA officials get paid for their efforts?

To answer that question, the Central Florida Future compiled a list of some of SGA’s highest ranking positions, detailing the pay and some of the responsibilities of each role.

Christopher Clemente, Student Body President — $20,000

"As Student Body President I represent our 63,002 student population. Also, I am in charge of the executive branch and employ 19 cabinet members that are tasked with hosting programming for students and advocating for student interests."

  • Carry out projects, programs, services and actions under his jurisdiction
  • Make appointments to the Cabinet, Senate, Judicial Branch, Election Commission and Regional Campus Coordinator positions
  • Submit a typed explanation of all presidential vetoes to the Senate
  • May remove appointees from executive offices
  • Receives a parking pass that allows him to park at the Alumni Center during Board of Trustees meetings

Rachel Altfield, Student Body Vice President — $17,500

"As Vice President I have direct oversight of the executive cabinet, and I have a position on various committees around campus. Alongside the President, I represent all 63,002 students here at the university and advocate on their behalf."

  • Assumes powers of President upon request or removal of President
  • Casts tie-breaking vote in a Senate deadlock
  • Submit report to the Senate detailing any committees she serves on
  • Addresses the Senate at least once every academic term

Crystian Cepeda, Speaker of the Senate — $13,750

"My role is to manage the legislative branch to be as efficient as possible within the parameters of our fiscal policies to best serve our Knights."

  • Arranging Senate meetings, including room reservations and procedures for bills, resolutions, constitutional amendments and special acts
  • Signs all measures, writs, warrants and subpoenas
  • Appoint all standing committees

Chief Justice — $12,500

There will not be a new Chief Justice until the President appoints a student, and he or she goes through conformation before the Senate.

  • Assigns justices to their respective boards upon appointment of President
  • Scheduling and chairing or designating a chair for parking appeals
  • Can appoint up to two assistant chief justices in the Judicial Council
  • Has the ability to remove an assistant chief justice at any time as long as she submits a reason for dismissal


Shana Medel is a Digital Producer for the Central Florida Future. Email her at

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