Soon, students will gain access to a slew of free features through their Knights Email.

Starting July 31, all Knights Email accounts will be provided with a set of features called Office 365 ProPlus. The new features will include the ability to download and install Microsoft Office applications — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Publisher — for free on up to five PC or Mac devices.

Additionally, users can store up to one terabyte worth of files on their personal OneDrive, which was previously known as SkyDrive Pro. They can also run Office Mobile apps on up to five iOS or Android mobile devices.

"The service provides for students the benefit of using professional tools during college that major companies use to complete daily tasks and projects," said UCF spokesman Gene Kruckemyer in an email. "It enables them to become familiar with the Microsoft Cloud tools while working in UCF classes. Those students who use the service would have an advantage when applying for jobs and may be able to do their jobs more efficiently."

Microsoft has not determined how long after students leave UCF they will be allowed to keep using the services at no cost, Kruckemyer said, but as long as they are an active UCF student, they will have access to the features at no cost.

Computer Services & Telecommunications encourages students to check their Knights Email accounts for additional instructions. For more information, contact the UCF Service Desk at or 407-823-5117.

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