Watching paint dry, watching grass grow and USF's offense: Three things that equal the excitement of the I4 and State Road 408 interchange.

Nothing says "Orlando" like being backed up in traffic for 25 minutes just to get back to the UCF area. If you work west of 408 or you venture to the Disney side of Orlando, you understand. Regardless of the day and time, that interchange will add a minimum of 15 minutes to your trip.

Advice from a senior: Plan accordingly.

The first time you witness this traffic nightmare, you likely will assume there is an accident holding up traffic. Later, you will realize the only accident was even attempting to use that interchange.

Sure, sometimes you can stumble upon this disaster of a man-made structure without wasting valuable time and gas, but the majority of the time that just isn't happening.

On Saturday at about 6:30 p.m. I experienced exactly this. Backed up for about three miles, I sat in line for approximately 25 minutes on my return trip from The Mall at Millenia. It took me the same amount of time to get from the UCF area to the mall as it did to exit I4. Obviously, there is a strong flow of traffic through this interchange. And obviously, for those who work in that area, it's a necessary evil.

So the question becomes this: Why not widen it, or make it more efficient?

I4 will always have a steady stream of traffic. The 408 also sees significant congestion during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

In the age of road work — seriously, I95 is the real UCF; it's under construction FOREVER — why not add a project to the list that will limit congestion, and maybe even improve the city's reputation?

Orlando is known for its awful traffic. Great reputation!

In such a modern city, it only makes sense to have efficient roads that actually help you travel in a timely manner.

Please, city of Orlando, just one more lane is all I ask for.

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