Nothing says "football" like a plate of saucy wings.

White-meat chicken, breading, sauce and bones stacked up on a plate is the trademark sign of a successful tailgate or game-watching experience. I spent my Sunday at one of the local sports bars, and that is exactly how my eating ended. I was content and happy. But when I was ordering, I had a realization: Boneless wings are truly just chicken nuggets.

This was mind-blowing to me and led to further research, which leads me here.

Just because we're in college and we're "mature" now doesn't mean we have to try to make chicken nuggets sound grown-up. Because let's be honest — boneless wings are really just the same chicken nuggets we ate as kids, simply disguised with the same sauce we put our wings in.

According to extensive research, a buffalo wing is a piece of chicken that is fried, coated in sauce and served hot. A chicken nugget is fried or baked chicken made from chicken breast and served hot. Sounds pretty similar, eh?

The purpose of the boneless wing was to provide an alternative to the wing eater that prevents the mess that a basket of wings can create.

However, I thought one graduated from chicken-nugget eating to the wonderful world of wings? Eating wings is like the AP course of eating.

As children, we enjoyed chicken nuggets and swiped them in a puddle of ketchup, and likely had stains on our clothes from the experiment. This is the training ground for wing eating.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to sound like this "manly man," but I'm more or less at a crossroads. If I were to ask my server at a restaurant for "10 chicken nuggets, please?" he or she would likely look at me like I was a Martian asking for directions to the moon.

Perhaps there is no easier way to put it: Chicken nuggets are to Capri Suns as wings are to Bud Light.

I get it, ordering chicken nuggets on a date or with the boys sounds lame, but you are what you eat.

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