Imagine that your favorite musical artist was coming to your city on tour and you had a great floor-seat ticket to the show.

Now imagine being at your amazing seat and enjoying every moment of the concert … only to have all of the other fans around you push, shove, sit on shoulders, block your view with giant posters and stand on chairs, even when signs and security personnel forbid them to do so.

This was the situation I was in Sunday night at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami. And let me tell you, I was not one bit happy about it.

While some of that may be the norm for raves and festivals such as EDC, I was not at a rave. I was at a One Direction concert. (Yeah, I know.)

Being that the pop-rock boyband hails from the United Kingdom, it's always a treat when they're touring stateside. So when the chance to go to any of their shows arises, you bet I'll be there. And since I had floor seats this time around, I was ecstatic.

When fans who were supposed to be sitting in different sections tried to worm their way into my row, I blocked them with my elbows and gave them the death stare.

And when the boys made their way down the catwalk and everyone suddenly decided to stand on their chairs, completely blocking my view of everything, I was not having it. I stood up on my seat to take back my view, only to have security come over and make me get down.

I was not happy, especially considering the fact that they weren't forcing other people farther down in my row to get down. I spent the rest of the show switching off between either standing on my chair — and being told to get down again and again — or staring at the backs of people in my row who were still on their chairs.

It absolutely infuriated me that security would sit back and shake their heads or laugh when they saw fans in the middle of each row going crazy and jumping on chairs, while those seated by the aisle were forced to stay down.

My question is this: Why did security really only enforce the rules set forth for those seated by the aisle? Why did they only halfheartedly try to keep those farther down each row in check?

And why on earth do some concertgoers feel the need to be so discourteous and obnoxious?

Security has a job, and it's to enforce the rules for everyone. In reality, no one should be standing on chairs, regardless of the situation, because it's a safety hazard. And fans being unruly and non-compliant with security is incredibly rude and disrespectful to other people who paid the same amount of money to see the show, not the backs of random strangers' heads. And I understand it's difficult to get all of those fans in order, but is that not the point of security?

I'm not one who likes to bend the rules, but if you're going about your job in an unfair and almost apathetic manner and I can't see the show I paid $120 admission for, sorry, security. I'm standing on my chair.

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