Bright House Networks Stadium was not made for those with motion sickness.

Although it isn't the size of some of the larger stadiums in college football, Bright House Networks Stadium can provide a significant home-field advantage. Especially at night.

Now imagine if the capacity crowd of more than 45,000 wore black.

On Thursday, UCF and Bright House Networks Stadium will be on the national stage again, as the Knights host BYU at 7:30 p.m. on ESPN. After last year's historic season, people now know UCF's name. No longer are the Knights sneaking up on anybody.

What UCF needs to do next is to unite the fan base. After seeing a Facebook event calling for fans to "blackout" the stands against BYU, it made me think: Why isn't every nighttime home game dubbed a "blackout?"

Wearing black for a noon kickoff might be too much to ask. It's Central Florida. It's hot and black attracts sunlight, which makes it hotter. But at night? Why not?

Bright House Networks Stadium isn't necessarily a "made-for-TV stadium." Aluminum can only be so eye catching. Not to mention, some of the best parts about college football are the rabid fan bases. Tennessee is notorious for its orange- and white-checkered stadium, and West Virginia has done the checkered look as well. But regardless, it sticks in the memories of fans.

While the "blackout" is not a groundbreaking idea, it makes sense for UCF. One of the primary colors of the university is black. How great would it be for the team to wear black at night, and the fans to match them?

I think it would be great.

If every night game became known as a "blackout" then the atmosphere surrounding the game would improve. It's an easy marketing ploy, it's an easy way for fans to feel like they're a part of the game, and lastly, it looks really cool on TV.

As a fan base, the "Gold Rush" was attempted last season, and ultimately it never caught on. Coordinating different schemes is difficult, and with a fan base that isn't centralized, it's tough. A blackout would be simple to coordinate, and might be something that is long overdue.

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