T-minus 11 days.

Another year and once again, it's election season. For those of us who turn the TV on from time to time, we know the faces of the candidates this year. We know what Charlie Crist has to say about Rick Scott and we know what Scott says about Crist.

While the Oval Office isn't up for grabs this year, some powerful decision-makers will be elected — and because we live in Florida, it will probably be a headache.

How about we all do ourselves a favor and challenge ourselves: As a state, let's try not to embarrass ourselves this year.

So far, we're off to a rousing start. The national story last week of Charlie Crist and his fan didn't exactly hear our cause, but I digress.

As college students, we have a voice. Typically, collegiates are passionate about issues and about change. The burning debate of legalizing medical marijuana, or passing Amendment 2, is expected to control the headlines. But, there is more to the ballot than pot.

We're lucky enough in this country to have a vote in elections. Why not use it?

Likewise, why not use it wisely? Yes, as students we often spend hours studying and preparing for tests, quizzes and exams. But at this time of year, why not educate yourself on the issues that will be on the ballot?

At the Central Florida Future, we tried to help you with that. We looked at the candidates for the governor's seat, and we looked at the issues. If you plan on voting — and I encourage you to do so — do us all a favor and read it. If you have questions, do your own research and dig deeper. This country is only as good as those who make the decisions — those who cast the votes.

And voting can be as easy as traveling to campus. On Monday, early voting opened at the Barbara Ying Center, and will be open until Nov. 2. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Orange County residents can vote on campus.

But what about the marijuana, you ask? It's on the ballot as well. Before rolling up to the polls to vote yes or no on this amendment, take a look at what the bill actually says and thoroughly understand what voting "yes" or "no" actually means.

This is one of the most important times of the year for Americans, and a chance to take action for a cause you believe in.

Just please don't embarrass us all anymore, Florida.

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