Remember the scene in Mean Girls when Regina George is showing off her Playboy bunny costume to her parents, and how her dad literally cringed when he saw her dressed like that?

I don't blame him. And before anyone tries to jump to conclusions, I'm not about to slut-shame. I'm about to do us women a favor and speak up.

Little girls are offered costumes that will transform them into Anna and Elsa, Tinkerbell or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Women, on the other hand, are offered virtually the same costumes, but with one difference tacked on: sex appeal.

Look around in the women's section of the costumes and you'll find a "sexy" variation of just about everything. Sexy sailors. Sexy princesses. Sexy referees and sports players. Everything revolves around a woman's sex appeal.

And while personally I'm not about that life and I don't feel comfortable baring it all, that's not the point.

The point is that society literally seems to expect women to dress sexy or slutty on Halloween. I guarantee that at least 75 percent of costumes offered to women consist of tiny little skirts or shorts and chest-baring tops or corsets that in reality could pass for lingerie. If that. And I find that really disheartening; actually, kind of disgusting.

Our carnal society has always seemed to view women as objects who exist to bear and raise children, serve their husbands and maybe even make the occasional sandwich. We are treated like nothing else matters but our sex appeal. We are treated many times as inferior and subservient to men. And don't even get me started on the twisted and unrealistic way society expects us to look.

With the feminist movement beginning to gain traction, I'm really surprised that other women don't seem to feel at least a little resentment toward the way in which we seem to be expected to dress.

Everyone is talking about the "#HeForShe" movement; how women should be treated as equal counterparts to men. How we should be paid the same amount of money for the same work. How traditional gender roles are evolving and how we need to recognize and respect that. Heck, there's even been a video circulating that stars little girls dressed as princesses dropping the F-bomb left and right in the name of feminism. The feminist movement is bound to make waves that could eventually knock down age-old gender-role stereotypes.

But as far as I'm concerned, until women have stopped being constantly treated like their bellies and butts matter more than their brains — and that they can't be "attractive" unless they dress in a way that will ensure hormonal guys and perverts everywhere are all eyes — these waves aren't much more than ripples.

Listen up, ladies. If you enjoy dressing as that sexy sailor or Playboy bunny, by all means have a ball. Be careful, though, and keep in mind that men are going to be looking at you. And this means that not only is that group of super-attractive frat guys across the room checking you out — so is that 50-year-old guy with a beer belly sitting at the bar.

If that makes you uncomfortable, you might want to stand with me when I say that women at least deserve a selection of costumes that fall somewhere between foxy and frumpy. No one wants to dress as a potato sack, but no woman wants to be seen purely as a sex object, either.

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