You've entered the lion's den, also known as the opinions section of the Central Florida Future.

If you're fresh out of batteries for your megaphone or not too keen on sharing the free speech zone with outspoken pastors, consider these two pages of the newspaper your personal soapbox.

Since 1968, the Future has strived to deliver outstanding content to the UCF community, its students in particular. From hard-hitting investigative news stories, stimulating entertainment pieces and electric sports articles, reading the Future, in my opinion, is one of the most imperative parts of your college education. Another integral part: writing for it.

From cover to cover, the article bylines and photo credits in this tab are always those of the breath and blood of UCF: its students. And the opinions section is no different. Whether you're feeling opinionated about politics, religion, or anything in between, this is your outlet to voice your views.

Enter the lion.

Although the Future staff is stoked to hear your radical ideas and polarizing opinions, we can't speak for everyone. The opinions section is one of the few parts of the paper that will cause you to chuck the whole thing across the room, but that's OK. Starting a dialogue is OK — in fact, it's welcomed.

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So that brings me to my next point. If you ever find yourself in a newspaper-chucking disposition, don't stew. Write! They're a slightly dying art, but letters to the editor are a great way and a much better alternative to the possible slew of paper cuts you could endure from ripping up a blood-boiling column — this thing is 32 pages for crying out loud!

And submitting an opinions piece or letter to the editor is simple enough. Just email anything to our Editor-in-Chief Ryan Gillespie at In fact, if you ever need to speak to an editor, all of our emails can be found on page two of the paper or online. The Future will print a column if it is between 350 and 550 words and also intelligently and clearly discusses an issue relevant to the UCF community.

And don't worry. We don't bite ... hard.


Caroline Glenn is the News Editor at the Central Florida Future. Follow her on Twitter @bycarolineglenn or email her at

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