How do you like your balls?

Some like them firm, others worn, and apparently Tom Brady likes his deflated. As I'm sure you've heard, the Indianapolis Colts have accused the New England Patriots, one of this weekend's Super Bowl representatives, of playing with deflated footballs.

In a game that ended 45-7 in favor of the Deflatriots, the teams could have been playing with baseballs and the Patriots still would have won. The bigger issue is this: The Patriots had the Spygate scandal years ago and now are running into issues with deflating footballs.

Now, every team in the NFL probably has some skeletons in the closet, but if that is the case, why are the Patriots the WORST cheaters? They may win games on the field, but if "everybody else does it," how come nobody else gets caught?

What I'm hopeful for is that the NFL does not let a ball boy take the fall for removing air from Brady's balls, but that they hold whoever directed him to do so accountable. Typically, ball boys are young kids who love football and want to be affiliated with the team. They make minimum wage (or close to it), but typically get tipped very well by players.

If you were a ball boy for a quarterback worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and he tipped you well (which can be implied), wouldn't you go above and beyond to make him happy? A happy quarterback means a bigger tip.

Where the NFL went wrong is in the process. Either let the teams decide how they want their balls pregame or come up with a strict policy. If the referee checks them more than two hours before the game and then they are returned to their respective teams, are we that naïve to think that nothing will happen in that time?

In this case, clearly something did.


Ryan Gillespie is the Editor-in-Chief at the Central Florida Future. Follow him on Twitter at @rgillespieCFF or email him at

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