"We won!" "It's over!" "We're finally done fighting!"

Those are some statements I saw on my Facebook time line as soon as Florida's gay-marriage ban ended in January.

That, however, is incredulously and insultingly false. Our fight is far from over.

LGBT Floridians are still at an enormous disadvantage, in terms of legal protection. According to the Human Rights Campaign website, Florida does not support housing-discrimination bans, employment-discrimination bans or anti-bullying legislation for LGBT students.

Florida has only recognized a portion of what makes up the modern gay rights movement. For the movement to truly be successful, and for our rights to really be recognized, there cannot be any question of equality on any front.

There are still so many barriers to true equality for LGBT Floridians, as well as LGBT citizens around the country and the world. Our trans brothers and sisters are also at an even greater legal disadvantage, with their rights only just being mentioned and discussed in mainstream media.

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Bisexual and transgender visibility are legitimate issues that need to be combated.

While gay representation has been growing, there's still a large need for inclusion of people of all creeds, colors and backgrounds in mainstream media. We cannot celebrate individual rights of the privileged class within the LGBT culture and ignore the plight of those who have not been lucky enough to see a modicum of acceptance. Rights of the entire LGBT spectrum matter.

We cannot lay down our signs. We cannot stop marching. We cannot stop protesting. The second we do that, we turn our backs on the millions of people who still need us to continue the fight.

Our fight and our struggle for equality is not over until every LGBT citizen — in Florida, in the United States and across the globe — is truly equal, can do as they please and live their lives without fear of persecution, physical assault and discrimination. Only then, can we claim victory. Simply being able to legally wed is only one step.


Adam Rhodes is the Entertainment Editor at the Central Florida Future. Follow him on Twitter at @byadamrhodes or email him at

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