I made a promise that I would run a "no bullshit" campaign. I promised that my campaign would be built on honest and open communication. So when I was approached by the Central Florida Future to talk about why people should vote for me, I knew it was my job to give the facts, not the braggadocio and rhetoric of my opponents.

I have worked as a risk analyst at Citigroup, legislative aid in the Florida House of Representatives, benefit operations administrator at Aon Hewitt and, currently, as a business development analyst at Lockheed Martin CWEP. My running mate and your future vice president is Mo Barhamje, a successful entrepreneur, published researcher, true fighter and a trilingual speaker. We want to devote our skills to serving you.

We didn't come to UCF intending to enter politics — instead, we wanted to work. But after three years of the same, status quo bullshit, we decided that if we didn't stand for students, no one would. Sadly, the more I've interacted with the "best" SGA has to offer, the more I've realized this to be true.

Mo and I, we want what you want. We desire what you need and we will fight for your rights. One of our major platform points is a low-cost, highly impactful program we call MyAlumni. Just as students sign up for courses on, we believe students should be able to sign up for mentoring groups sponsored by alumni. Through MyAlumni, students would be able to browse available mentoring groups at the beginning of the semester, select those that would be of most benefit and then have the ability to be mentored by successful alumni in the industry of the student's choosing.

Another platform point is the development of a reporting tool in order to put a stop to on-campus harassment. Our free speech zones were designed to enrich our university, but instead, they have turned into locations that spew hatred at our student population. Women cannot even walk to the library right now without directly being called derogatory and hateful words. It is insane to me that we allow this to happen, and it disgusts me that our SGA has done absolutely nothing to protect us against this. Even more so is that these very same people who have failed us are now attempting to become our executive leaders.

I'd like to end with some ironic facts and let you draw your own conclusions:

Fact 1: The only notable experience Brian Zagrocki & Cait Zona claim is SGA related.

Fact 2: Their voting records have been practically identical (only instance of noticeable distinction was when Brian ran against Zona for Speaker of Senate, and lost 40-9).

Fact 3: Both advocate for big change on campus through platforms, but I could not find a single bill sponsored by them that remotely relates to the current action they are proposing.

Look at these facts. Look at their signs. Ask yourself: What's the difference?

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