Students should vote for me because I, alongside Alex, have a unique vision for the Student Government Association here at the University of Central Florida.

Our vision is one of change in SGA, and we have three major initiatives for our platform — connecting students to SGA, better leadership and promoting student success. First, Alex and I believe in an SGA where every single student is connected to SGA and their input is heard. As the representative body for UCF students, it is imperative that SGA is accountable and relatable to the people it serves. Better leadership represents our commitment to integrity.

We understand the lasting impact that the position of student body president and vice president imprint on the students of our school, and we promise that we will uphold our duties to the highest standard. Additionally, promoting student success is the single most important criteria for evaluating the services that SGA provides. We have developed a list of platform points that stem from our approach to promoting student success, and we firmly believe our platform not only represents student input, but is also accomplishable during our term in office.

In fact, Alex and I sat down with directors across campus to receive their input on how we can collaborate to accomplish our platform goals. So not only are we bringing a robust platform that represents diversified student interests, we are promising results. Some of our more specific platform points include increasing the efficiency of parking on campus, refurbishing the Student Union, advocating for the Health Center to expand its hours to the weekend and lobbying at the state level for no increase to student tuition.

This list of ideas for SGA merely scratches the surface of our entire platform, and we encourage students to follow our campaign so they can remain informed on the issues that will be impacting them in their collegiate career and how we plan to address these issues as the next student body president and vice president. Alex and I are qualified for the job at hand because of my extensive experience in SGA, which, coupled with its proven leadership across campus, complements our backgrounds immensely. And together, we make a fantastic team.

However, beyond our proven track record, what sets Alex and I apart is our sincerity and passion for UCF. We are happy to call UCF our home and proud to consider ourselves fellow Knights. By addressing the disconnect in SGA representation, proving that our actions speak louder than words as leaders and by committing ourselves to developing an SGA where student success is the No. 1 priority. Alex and I strongly believe that we are the change that the student body deserves.

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