Being the SGA president would be an honor that, if you asked me a few years ago, I would not have imagined being in the running for.

Beginning my freshman year, I wanted to make my legacy at UCF. I had always been involved in high school and wanted to ensure that UCF wasn't just a university for me, but a home. Freshman year, I was not a Greek student, but a student who immediately ran toward the Office of Student Involvement. Volunteer UCF immediately piqued my interest.

This was my first outlet toward involvement. Not long after, I applied for a Senate seat in my college. Since then, my involvement has been history. I was truly inspired by not only the experience that I had, but the people that I met along the way. Throughout my three years at UCF, I have been involved in different outlets of the campus.

From philanthropy to student government, I have seen different student perspectives and walked their paths. Freshman year, in the midst of trying to find myself and find out where I wanted my path to lead me, I met Jarell. As two freshmen in Senate, we quickly became friends. Over time, we have worked together and have loved doing so. I can truly say I cannot imagine having another person standing right beside me. Jarell's drive and knowledge of the campus, and specifically the Cabinet, are truly incredible. I have said it in many interviews, but I put my full faith in Jarell as a vice presidential candidate, and I think that this confidence is imperative.

I also see being in student government for three years as a benefit to serve. We have had the pleasure of seeing three different administrations come through, so we have seen their success, as well as their struggles. From this, we have taken away what works and what needs to be changed. A platform is a mission that the new hopeful administration wants to see happen. We can recognize that there is always room for improvement, and from that we have developed our platform.

We want to make sure that, if elected, as soon as we come into office we can make the changes that students need and want. Jarell has seen the ins and outs of the executive branch for three years, while I have seen the inner workings of the legislative branch for three years. It takes time to become acclimated to a new position, and from our diverse perspectives and experiences, we could come into office and use what has worked, while bringing new things to student government and giving the students what they want. We are here for students and we want students to unleash their legacy.

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