Before you laugh at One Direction fans and their crying selfies, keep in mind they're not the only crazy ones.

Yes, the Internet did explode when Zayn Malik announced he was leaving One Direction. Men and women alike took to Twitter to react, post a crying selfie or even an emotional Vine. One girl said she was going to end it all in her algebra class. There's even a hashtag, #CutforZayn, popular right now.

But they aren't the only fans who go a bit too over the top.

In 2013, a similar hashtag made the rounds through the Justin Bieber fandom. While BuzzFeed reports it started as a 4Chan joke, which makes it worse in my opinion, the idea here is that it actually trended. People were talking about it. Young kids, fans of Justin Bieber, were talking about it.

Let me repeat that: Young kids were talking about self-harm.

Bieber fans are also known to attack social media users who speak ill of the Canadian pop sensation. Drake Bell is one of the more notable, and willing, victims of this online abuse.

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Lady Gaga fans are documented cyber bullies, despite their idol's stance against bullying of any kind. The Osbornes have a still-brewing feud with Mother Monster thanks to her more aggressive fans.

A handful of over-the-top fans make the music industry interesting. Chris Crocker and his pleas for the world to "leave Britney alone" were so funny because they were so out there and abnormal. If a One Directioner, a Little Monster or Belieber did that now, it's old hat. That's a problem.

Fanaticism of any kind, especially mindless fanaticism that drives you to the point of self-mutilation, is awful. Nothing should ever bring someone to the point of self-harm, especially a musician leaving a band. Blind obsession with an artist is not devotion, it's just plain unhealthy.

What these fans are missing is, honestly, a tight grip on reality and some maturity. Yeah, I was bummed when Gaga wasn't nominated for certain awards or when I saw that a big-name music act lost an integral member, but I didn't lose my mind over it. My life doesn't revolve around these people. The only lives that should revolve around Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber are their own.

If you're driven to an emotional cliff over a boy band, pop star or teen-singing sensation, you don't need Zayn Malik to get back with One Direction, you may need legitimate psychological help.

Now stop taking crying selfies for Christ's sake.


Adam Rhodes is the Entertainment Editor at the Central Florida Future. Follow him on Twitter at @byadamrhodes or email him at

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