As if students don't already have enough opportunities to get raunchy. With a little help from "I'm Shmacked," they now have another.

I'm Shmacked has decided to come back to UCF and of course, capture all of the boobs, booze and booty shaking in a video.

I'm Shmacked travels to campuses around the country, enjoying and capturing the party scene at each one, while falsely displaying each university as a huge party school.

After visiting the college area and making its rounds to all of the party places, I'm Shmacked posts heavily edited videos and uploads them onto multiple online platforms that are visible to literally anyone. They have a huge social media presence and even sell merchandise.

The hype of I'm Shmacked coming to UCF adds pressure on students to prove the school, students and area is fun, causing students to act crazy.

A combination of the alcohol, drugs and a desire to get national recognition from I'm Shmacked, encourages students to display embarrassing and immature behavior they wouldn't normally.

While everyone has those nights out where they might not be on their best behavior and get a little out of control, at least it's on nights when people probably don't notice and definitely don't care enough to record it.

Or if it is recorded, it is on a best friend's Snapchat and not YouTube. So before hopping on the I'm Shmacked bandwagon and getting pumped for the party in fall, think about the negative ramifications.

Personally, I would be embarrassed in a video like this anyway.

If my father or future employer watched me acting like a fool in this video, I would turn as bright red as a firetruck.

The whole concept of this is distasteful to say the least.

The bigger problem with the organization is that I'm Shmacked makes huge generalizations in their videos about college students all over the world. The videos portray these respectable universities as huge party schools, which is not the case.

Obviously we aren't studying or partying all the time, or maybe you are, but not everyone goes to the extreme that the video portrays and not everyone wants to be categorized with a school that does that.

I'm Shmacked encourages a view of college girls that I'm sure people wouldn't want to be associated with, and it gives a bad name to the school in general.

I am not against the party scene, but there is a way to be both fun and classy, and I'm Shmacked doesn't encourage that balance.


Bridgette Norris is a Digital Producer for the Central Florida Future. Follow her on Twitter @blogginbridge or email her at

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