Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear heels.

When I think of a superhero, I think of someone who can fly or someone who can stop a train with just the slightest touch of a pinkie.

However, when I think of specific superheroes, an array comes to mind, with a few superheroines in the mix occasionally.

Apparently I’m not the only one tired of women not getting their time to fly. As of last Wednesday, after chasing down a guy who tried to steal her phone, the tennis goddess known as Serena Williams urged women via Facebook to not only feel like superheroes, but to also act like superheroes.

Although not all women can be blessed with the power to freeze time, no matter how much we wish could, or with the amazing tennis prowess of Williams, there are still ways that the everyday woman can be and feel like superheroines.

In order to act like a superhero, you have to feel like a superhero.

Some ways in which you can feel like a superhero are being confident in yourself, or just knowing that you are trying your best no matter what you are doing. By having confidence in yourself, not only do you walk a little taller, but your whole demeanor changes. You smile more, you become more strong-willed and people just want to be around you more often. You become the image of a woman who can’t be brought down; you become someone others look up to and admire. When you try your best, no matter what you are doing, you feel like a superhero, not because you can accomplish every goal you put your mind to, but because no matter the outcome you know you did your best and put your all into everything.

By being the strong confident woman you are, you are being your own superhero and a role model to those around you.

You become a modern-day superhero.

After you have discovered your inner superhero, you need to let others see her through your personality and actions. Now, you may not be able to chase down robbers or stop a bullet with your mind powers, but you can still do good for your community. Everything you do impacts those around you.

Take volunteering for instance.

When you volunteer you make those who you’re helping feel loved and cared for. To them, you are a superhero because you are showing them the attention and concern every person deserves.

But to act like a superhero you don’t even have to volunteer, just be a decent human being. Be loving, kind, happy, caring, open-minded, trustworthy, empowering and willing to just be there for someone.

Whether you are a mother, sister, daughter, best friend or girlfriend, know that whether or not people tell you, you are valued.

Just remember that even superheroes have their bad days.


Tanesha Bridenback is a contributing writer for the Central Florida Future.

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