It’s not like anyone needs to remind the UCF community that the football team had a season to forget — it’s that it’s fun to remind them that the football team lost every single game it played. For god’s sake, The Basement gave away more than 14,000 free beers before the end of the season solely because the team sucks so bad and no one should have to watch one of their games with clarity.

While our team suffers through this football recession, out of the ashes emerges the administration with what they think is just what the doctor ordered: Scott Frost.

I can’t knock the guy for climbing the ladder all the way to the apex of the American Dream. He started out as a quarterback at the University of Nebraska, played in the NFL for a few years, settled into a nice gig at the University of Oregon and then landed the head coach position at UCF. It all makes sense.

What doesn’t add up is that Frost is currently 0-0 as head coach and has a base salary of $1.7 million, according to a letter released by the UCF Athletics Association. Frost has played all of his cards right, but it’s borderline preposterous to suggest that coaching a team made of hot garbage is worth more than a million dollars.

In 2005, UCF tuition was just over $3,000 and the Golden Knights went 8-5 in a season that ended in their first bowl game. Now in 2015, tuition is up to almost $6,000 and the since-renamed Knights went 0-12 with no invitation to a bowl. While they’re asking for more money from us, they probably should be asking for more catches from our wide receivers.

To add insult to injury, the Compensation and Labor Committee recently deemed President John C. Hitt worthy of a $364,239 bonus for providing “less anxiety and more optimism” on campus. When preparing our leader such a sweet bed of cash, they must not have considered that there are 18,000 parking spots for 60,000 students, academic programs are shedding classes like skin and the football team hasn’t won a game since Dec. 4, 2014.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, contractors Constantine Curris and Paul McConnell were hired by the UCF Board of Trustees to evaluate Hitt in 2012 and 2015. McConnell estimated that the cost of evaluating the president’s performance would reach as high as $12,500, plus an additional $1,500 to present their findings in person.

Next time I have to do a presentation in class, I’m going to ask my professor to hand over a grand and see what happens. In all likeliness, he or she will laugh in my face because it’s utterly ridiculous to demand money for nothing and expect people to actually hand you cash.

Or, I used to think it was ridiculous until I learned more about administration in higher education.


Marissa Mahoney is a Contributing Columnist for the Central Florida Future.

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