President Barack Obama is like that old person on their deathbed who just won’t go quietly into that good night. They see the light and feel an inclination — no, obligation — to stoke the fire as much possible before kicking the bucket. And most people politely listen to their ramblings with a dignified acceptance — except for me.

On January 5, Obama gravely walked to the podium situated in the White House East Room — not without throwing at least one classic point, wink and smile — to deliver a speech about his “common-sense” gun safety reform.

Before we get into Obama’s gun control policy, let’s see what Merriam-Webster has to say about the definition of “common sense”: sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.

It would appear that according to Obama, guns in America are a black and white issue. We should consider ourselves lucky that a guy who’s guarded by a personal army around the clock has climbed down from the mountaintop to hand us the easy fix for gun violence.

Obama waded through all the noise surrounding American’s hottest button issue and came up with four steps that he plans to enact with an executive order. In the midst of pushing for broader licensing of gun sellers and safer gun technology, Obama also discussed his intention to “ensure that federal mental health records are submitted to the background check systems.”

From the beginning, mental health coverage has been a staple of his Affordable Care Act legislation. He wants to help people get what they need to get better. He wants to “de-stigmatize mental health issues.” But what he really wants to do is limit certain U.S. citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights.

Let’s say you’ve been feeling a little depressed lately. You go to a therapist, talk it out, maybe even get a Prozac prescription. So because you tried to better yourself, then your inalienable right to a firearm should be infringed upon?

Obama pointed out that the high-profile mass shootings “shine a light on those few mentally unstable people who inflict harm on others.” He makes a good point there. What person in their right mind would do something like that?

But I can’t help but notice another trend with these mass shootings. While talking heads and politic pundits dig through the shooter’s mental instability, did it ever occur to them that most of these incidents are committed by men?

Why not have an executive order that has a more thorough background check for a being a man than a mental health patient?

Probably because it doesn’t fit into the Affordable Care Act agenda.


Marissa Mahoney is a Contributing Columnist for the Central Florida Future.

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