A group of Northwestern University football players caused a stir in January with an attempt to unionize.

The players filed a petition for the right to hold a referendum to the National Labor Relations Board. To the surprise of some, the regional director of the board granted the request for the petition.

Northwestern's team is reportedly at a bit of a divide, but how about UCF's very own? Defensive back Clayton Geathers says it's not something he gives any thought.

"I don't pay attention to that. I really don't. I just play football," Geathers said.

In the beginning, the story gained attention and sparked a lot of conversation around the country. Athletes argue that they're employees of the university while administration maintains that players play "for their own benefit".

But to Brandon Alexander, all of that serves as a distraction. He holds true to his focus on the team.

"I hear it from time to time especially on TV but I haven't engaged in those things. Even if a conversation popped up I've never engaged in those types of conversations," said Alexander. "Just more so trying to focus on the UCF and what we're all about. Everything that's going outside, nothing matters outside. It's all about what's happening in here."