When you first learned to ride a bike, I doubt your first instinct was to say "OK, well I'm glad I got that. Time to go back inside." I know mine wasn't. I wanted to ride outside for hours and every day, if possible, because I had finally gotten the hang of something that I had been trying at for weeks.

So after securing its first win of the season, UCF is faced with yet another bye week. The Knights are taking the bike back in the house even though they just got a hang of it as a unit. Coming off of such a dominant win such as this one, I would have liked to see the Knights play again this weekend.

To me, the distribution of the bye weeks in this season isn't too great. The first one, following the Aug. 30 Penn State game, I can understand. It might have been difficult to be overseas in a different time zone for several days, take an eight-hour flight back, then bounce back and immediately begin practicing for another weekend contest. But it hasn't even been a month since the last bye.

I understand that from here on out, UCF will be mostly in conference play. After this bye week, the black and gold will play five straight games until its third and final bye week after the Halloween matchup against UConn. But this break, for lack of a better phrase, breaks up the excitement, storyline and developing chemistry of the 2014 season.

The Knights' victory over B-CU was the first time we've seen the defense and offense click. When you're that dominant, why would you want to sit on it? I hear the argument of being well-rested, but not only did they just rest, but it can also turn into a little rust.

Am I saying UCF won't be prepared to face Houston? No, it certainly has plenty of in-between time. But momentum, especially in someone else's house, is just like a one-score lead — it can go as quickly as it came.