When great things happen in sports, they forever go down in history. But that's just the thing — it's history.

This past weekend, as UCF played Tulane, I heard the what seemed like the 100th "if Blake was in this situation ... " comment. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news to all who have felt this way, but he's not! Simply put, he's gone. It may or may not be a little-known fact, but in case you didn't know, Blake Bortles is the quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. What I'm trying to say nicely is, get over him.

I know many fans' most memorable moments as Knight fans are wrapped into the Bortles era. He has a well-deserved spot in UCF history and deserves all of the recognition, attention and accolades that he got for the success he led UCF to in 2013. But fans have to live in the present. One minute no one is even thinking about Bortles. Then Holman overthrows someone one too many times or throws a pick, and the wheels down Memory Lane start rolling once again.

Unfortunately, Bortles is never coming back. The sooner UCF fans accept that, the sooner the 2014 team can begin to be judged through unbiased lenses, and the steps it's taking might be recognized.

It is perfectly OK to remember. I would actually advocate that fans never forget the spotlight that UCF had shining on it during that historic 2013 season. But remembering and dwelling are two different things entirely. Come to terms with the fact that as far as the gridiron goes, Bortles and UCF are never, ever, ever getting back together.

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