Just three weeks out from the self-proclaimed I-4 Corridor Clash between USF and UCF on Nov. 28, the Knights have been challenged to another rivalry.

After UConn's first American Athletic Conference win, which was against UCF on Nov. 1, its head football coach Bob Diaco commented that he'd like the idea of starting a rivalry between the two schools in the future. Diaco described it as a north-south conflict and said he planned to spark the conversation about the contest whether the Huskies went on to win or lose to the Knights.

"All admiration to Central Florida, Coach O'Leary. They're spectacular. But we're excited about this north-south battle. [We] want to call it the Civil Conflict," Diaco said.

He went on to joke that he might personally purchase the prize trophy with a Knight and Huskie on it. But on a serious note, Diaco credited UCF's program for its progression and success throughout the years.

"We point toward that program as a program on how to operate. So we're going to look to that program and say 'These guys do it the right way. These guys play the kind of football we want to play.' And they play it every week," Diaco said.

George O'Leary said he would be happy to welcome another in-conference rivalry game.

"I think if you can get those types of games going with different teams in the conference, I think that's great for the conference. I have no problem with that whatsoever. I'd be anxious to get him down to our place next year," O'Leary said.