For the eighth consecutive time in the program's history, the UCF women's soccer team will partake in the NCAA Women's College Cup Tournament.

The Knights will host the Georgia Bulldogs, a team they fell to 1-0 earlier in the year during non-conference play, on Saturday at the UCF Soccer and Track Stadium.

"We're always excited to host," said UCF head coach Tiffany Sahaydak. "Being able to be at home, with our fans, we couldn't ask for me. We positioned ourselves to be at home for the first round. We have big goals, but we have to stay focus on the first game, but keeping our eye on Georgia."

UCF was knocked out of the semifinals of the American Athletic Conference tournament last weekend in Tampa, falling to UConn 1-0.

UCF forward Tatiana Coleman, who lead the team in scoring with 12 goals in 20 appearances this season, looks to avenge the team's loss against Georgia earlier in the year, saying that she's willing to push herself to new limits just to crank out a victory.

"We're really excited to get them on our home turf," Coleman said. "They're a great team, it's going to be a great game, and for a first round, we're excited to get a little bit of revenge. I'm definitely going to need [to] push a little more. It's a completely different team, different season."

The knockout tournament is nothing new to UCF. The team hosted a first-round game last season when it fell 3-1 to St. John's. Sahaydak believes that the squad learned lessons from that experience and the loss earlier this season to the Bulldogs.

"We know what to expect as a staff," Sahaydak said. "It was a good test for us to play Georgia earlier in the season. We've definitely grown since then and understand our roles as individuals. We're definitely a better [team] than than we were."