Before each Knights game this season, most of us ask one question that is contingent on whether or not UCF has a chance of winning: "Are we going to get Good Justin or Bad Justin?" Although I understand that the young quarterback has had problems with consistency, is it really fair to judge him this way at this early stage of growth in the game?

Before this season, Justin Holman had a 64.3 completion percentage — because he'd only thrown a total of 14 passes. Now, in his first real year as the real No. 1, he's at 56.9 percent. He's thrown for 2,009 yards on the year, which is an average of about 223 yards per game. In 2012, Blake Bortles finished the season at 62.9 percent, averaging about 219 yards per game over the 14 games he played. Holman has three regular season games and a bowl game to play and already his stats aren't that far off from Bortles'.

It's a tough task to come behind a quarterback who led a university to record-breaking season. You have to be patient and let him learn. As awesome as they are, not everyone can be a Jameis Winston or Johnny Manziel, dominating and poised from the start.

I'm not saying it's wrong to want consistency from a starting quarterback. I just don't think its fair that he's criticized so much when in reality, Holman is going through a learning process under some pretty bright lights.

UCF fans may think they're used to winning, but keep in mind that the 2013 season was historic. That was something special and had never been done before. That won't happen every year.

Holman can't and won't be Bortles. But if you look at the stats and the real ability of Holman, he can take UCF to some new heights. He can grow into something special of his own, once he gets the handle on some things.

Believe it or not, he's allowed to make mistakes. When he makes a play out of no play or has games like he did against Temple, everyone wants to look at the upside. But if you ask me, most of Holman's "fans" are just as fair weather as they claim his quarterback play to be.

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