It's something people try not to think about.

It's something that can seem scary or unknown. It's something that a lot of times people don't have to deal with until it is right in front of their faces.

The future, graduation, what you're going to do when this — what the last four years of your life have revolved around — finally comes to a close.

It's something that has just become very real for the seniors Kayla Darden, Carleigh Williams, Alex Piercy, Jennifer Martin and Tatiana Coleman on the No. 22 UCF women's soccer team.

The regular season is over and with each game the Knights advance to through the NCAA Tournament, those five women risk that game being their last time playing in a UCF uniform.

The Knights hosted Georgia over the weekend for the first round of the tournament, whom they lost to earlier in the season. This time they avenged that loss, winning the game 2-1.

"We knew we could do it, it's just a matter of heart, we just needed to make it through 90 minutes," said Kayla Darden. "We won this game with heart."

UCF's first goal came from Darden, who is a fifth-year senior forward for UCF. She broke up the middle of the field and received a pass from fellow senior, Tatiana Coleman. Then, the moment Darden's been waiting for for five years hit her and she didn't let it slip by: She put the ball in the back of the net for the early 1-0 lead.

"I'm so happy because this is not my last game," Darden said. "I'm a fifth year senior and this is not going to be my last game, I'm happy that I get to go on to the next round."

Darden is in a unique situation that she says lets her really appreciate what are her last moments on a college soccer field. Since she red shirted one year and is now in her fifth season, she got to see all the girls she came in with graduate last year, and got to see the emotions they were going through as UCF was upset in the first round of the tournament.

"Last year I got to kind of see what the seniors were going through," Darden said. "I couldn't really imagine it because I had one more year. Being here, knowing that this could be my last moment on the field, it really pulls out crazy emotions, so I gave everything I could and now I understand the seniors before me and what it means to dig deep and give everything you can to stay on this field."

UCF will travel to Tallahassee where it will play No. 9 Wisconsin on Friday. It will be another challenge for the Knights, as Wisconsin was 18-2-2 on the year, and 4-0 on neutral sites.

If UCF wins and manages to get its seniors one more game, it will be against the winner of the FSU and Northeastern game on Sunday.

If UCF won against Georgia "with heart," like Darden said, it'll need to channel it again for what is sure to be a very tough weekend. Darden doesn't see that being an issue.

"All the emotions are going to come right back, it's going be the same thing next game," she said.

Whatever happens, even though UCF will be losing five of its most important players, there will be many different faces in big roles next year — and the future may be bright.

After Georgia scored the equalizer in the 51st minute, it wasn't one of the seniors who had the game-winning goal in the 69th minute — it was freshman Hannah Debose. Debose may not think about it yet, but she too will be a senior one day, and moments like that will be the ones she remembers three years from now.