For UCF fans, it's the game they've been waiting for.

USF Hate Week is in full effect on social media as UCF will face its in-state, in-conference rival USF on Friday. But while fans are coming up with one meme and punchline after another to prepare themselves for the matchup, the players have something else in mind.

"First off, Coach O'Leary doesn't want us on Twitter, or Facebook, or anything like that," team captain Terrance Plummer told the Associated Press. "He calls it, 'Tweeter.' He just doesn't want us to get our minds stuck on things that have nothing to do with football."

Plummer said that the fans may feed into the rivalry-hype, but the Knights see it as just another opponent.

"You have film. You have a team across from you and that's your opponent," Plummer said. "If you want to look at it, everybody in sports is your rival because the person you're playing, they're trying to beat you just like you're trying to beat them. There shouldn't be any added motivation."

UCF is 1-4 all-time against the Bulls with its only win over them coming in last season's 23-20 home victory. The conflict largely stems from the close proximity of the two schools as the game has even adopted its own name, "The I-4 Corridor Clash." George O' Leary thinks that the closeness is what makes the rivalry so authentic.

"The other schools, you're trying to make games rival-type games, but I think this is a natural game because they're both in Florida; distance is a factor," O'Leary said to the Associated Press. "I think in our conference, it should be the No. 1 type of game that draws great interest from a rival-type standpoint."

Plummer said the fans can enjoy the buildup until the game, but his team has its mind set in.

"Talking, you can save that for the fans," he said. "Us as players, we need to be focused on what our objective is."