Ever been to an event or watched a movie and heard "And the winner's a tie!"? Or been on a team that finished with a record like 11-0-1? The announcement of a tie is a buzzkill to the whole anticipation built up before it. That one tie puts an asterisk on the whole season. UCF might have that same feeling if it's named conference co-champions this season, because the American Athletic Conference has no conference championship game.

In my humble opinion, that stinks. The AAC should definitely have a conference title game.

With a win over East Carolina, UCF will at least be named co-champions of the American Athletic Conference. But who really wants to share a title like that? How fun would it be to be co-NBA world champions? Not at all. Sharing a conference title takes away from the prestige of holding the title. If the teams and fans of teams in the AAC are to take pride in the conference, why not set one extra game to find an outright champion?

George O'Leary said this week that he, too, would like to see a conference title game, but he tells his team to take on a different outlook at the situation.

"I tell the kids this: When you're the defending champ and you win the conference again, it carries a little bit more weight than taking it for the first time," O'Leary said. "I think when you can repeat, I think that carries a lot of weight. It may be shared, but a conference championship is a conference championship."

But my question is this: If two teams have proven to be the best, or at least highly competitive in the conference all season long, why give them the 'Girls, you're both pretty' resolution? Let them duke it out and take home not only a trophy but bragging rights to know that they're indeed the best. I know that next year with the implementation of divisions, the AAC will have a conference championship game between the winner of each division. It stinks that this couldn't have already been in place. For example, it is very possibly that Memphis, UCF and Cincinnati can end up in a three-way tie for the conference championship this season. So if that happens, does that make each of them one-third of the best?

I'm glad things are going to change but in a situation such as this season, it would have been great to have a title game. I mean, let's be honest — there usually isn't enough room at the top for two.